You can add your logo to your report and within the Figlo Platform. Below you will find an instruction how to do this.

1.To show your logo optimally everywhere, you need the logo in three different formats, which must be available online but not on Wordpress sites. It is best to use a png file, which gives the best results.
2. The formats are: 500x500, 200x200 and 100x100 pixels (or a similar size with different proportions of your logo).
3. You can adjust your logo to the desired formats with random editing software such as GIMP (free) or Photoshop (paid). Make sure the logo around it contains as little white as possible. You can also work with the icon of the company.
4.When the format has been adjusted, save the formats with recognizable names (eg Logosmall, logoMedium etc.).
5. You must then ensure that the logo is available online. This can be done via various free and paid services such as Imageshack or imagehost, or on your own server.
6. Once you have the files in an online location you can use the url to process in the Figlo Manager with copying (CRTL-c) and pasting (CTRL-v).
7. You process the logos in the manager by clicking on the organization details, clicking on your organization name and choosing modify. On the first tab are the 3 locations for pasting the url. At the different fields there is an explanation of the desired format.
8. The logo is now in the Figlo Manager and is visible in your reports, in My Safe and within the Platform.


We also offer you the option of having your logo arranged by us against payment, if you wish, please contact the support departement.
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